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Three Steps You Need to Take When You Have a Pipe Break

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Three Steps You Need to Take When You Have a Pipe Break

If you're a homeowner, you likely know how to prepare your house for a hurricane, a tornado, or even hail, but what should you do when you have a supply line break? Water in home can be incredibly damaging, and if it's your first experience with a supply line break, you might be shocked at just how much flooding and water damage there is to handle. Fortunately, no matter how much experience you have with water in home, there are three things you can do to handle a flooded home after a supply line break.

1. Stay Calm
If you come home to a flooded home, it's normal to panic. Try not to. Instead, remain calm as you face the problem of water in home. Water cleanup, mitigation, and drying performed by your home restoration company will ensure your flooded home is returned to its normal state, but panicking won't make this happen faster. Remember that people around the globe have dealt with water in business and a flooded home. You, too, can handle this.

2. Get to Safety
When you have a supply line break, you might be tempted to try to fix it yourself. Keep in mind that a break is nothing to face on your own. Water in business can quickly become a hazard, so it's important that you leave the area with water damage as quickly as possible. Water damage isn't simply structural. When you have a pipe break, the area becomes prone to mold growth and insects, as well. Never touch the water when you're in an area with water in business. Instead, leave the area with water damage. A restoration company can handle water cleanup, mitigation, and drying.

3. Call a Professional Restoration Company
Your home may have flood damage after a pipe break, but a restoration company can help with water in home. Flood damage can manifest itself visibly, but you may also have structural damage that a home restoration company can notify you about after mitigation, water cleanup, drying, and restoration. While the flood damage in your home might seem impossible when it comes to water cleanup and drying, the truth is that your restoration expert has seen this problem before, and he or she is fully equipped to handle this situation.

No homeowner wants to deal with flood damage or water in business, but unfortunately, flooding does happen. If you find yourself in a situation where you have river flooding or a pipe breaks, remember that you aren't alone. Your home restoration expert is ready to help you with mitigation to prevent flood damage from happening to you again. A restoration company will work with you to ensure you're safe and that your home is repaired after the damage.

How to Choose a Restoration Professional
The person or company you use to restore your home after serious flooding should have experience handling water cleanup specifically. While most companies are familiar with handling a variety of damage issues, make sure you ask if the company is ready to assist with cleanup after water damage caused by a pipe breaking. When you reach out to the company, you need to provide as much information as possible. Was the flood water in your home caused by a pipe break? Has your area recently experienced high rainfall? Did a nearby dam break? If you aren't sure what caused the water buildup in your home, just let the company know and they will work with you to create a plan that will remove the excess water from your building and help you get back to your normal life. Visit for more information on water damage.

Large Scale Fire Damage Restoration

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Large Scale Fire Damage Restoration

Electrical fire or utility room fire can cause devastating damage to a commercial or business property making business owners suffer massive losses due to commercial fire damage. In addition, fire suppression systems and other firefighting efforts can cause water damage, soot damage, and smoke damage leaving your commercial property in a complete mess. The fire damage restoration process takes a lot of time, and this negatively affects productivity and revenue generation. It is always important to seek the services of professional firefighters to restore your business premises after an electrical fire or a utility room fire to restore the pre-fire condition as soon as possible.

There is a need to minimize commercial fire damage by seeking the services of fire restoration professionals that uses the best equipment such as the fire sprinkler system, a fire hose and a fire truck. It is advisable for the fire restoration process to begin within the first few hours to prevent further damage. Fire damage restoration using a fire truck and a fire hose is not an easy process as most people might think because of the amount of effort that goes in the entire fire suppression process. The following are major steps that are normally followed by professional firefighters when it comes to fire damage, smoke damage, or soot damage restoration:

Emergency Response

Commercial property owners should contact a restoration company as soon as possible in instances of electrical fire or utility room fire because most contractors have emergency hotlines for clients. A professional restoration company should arrive at the scene within the first 90 minutes after receiving a call from the client and immediately begin the fire suppression process using a fire truck and a fire hose. The restoration company comes with all the necessary equipment including a fire sprinkler system to carry out the entire restoration process after an electrical fire or a utility room fire. This step involves the arrival of a fully stocked fleet of vans, fire sprinkler system, a fire hose, and firefighter engines for effective fire suppression.

Detailed Fire Damage Assessment

This stage involves a thorough inspection of the entire business premises to find out the condition of belongings as well as the structural integrity of the building as a result of commercial fire damage. The firefighter specialist can only prepare a quote after they have pinpointed different forms of fire damage, smoke damage, or soot damage in the building. The inspection process enables the contractor to classify the type of fire, the extent of soot damage, and at the same time identify the source of the fire. Insurance agents rely on the cost estimates provided by a professional restoration company when it comes to compensation, and that is why inspection is very important.

Ensuring Property Security

The property and belongings of a client should be protected during a fire incident and this responsibly lies with the restoration company. There is always a lot of confusion during such moments, and some goons may take advantage of the situation steal things after commercial fire damage. The strength and stability of windows, roofs, walls, and doors are normally compromised by fire leaving the property vulnerable to theft. The contractor must ensure that the building is well secured.

Water Damage Remediation

Firefighting systems such as the fire sprinkler system or a fire truck leave a lot of water in the building that can end up causing water damage. It is, therefore, the responsibility of fire contractor to use dehumidifying and drying techniques after water extraction to ensure the building is completely dry.

Smoke and Soot Removal

This stage of fire restoration involves soot and smoke cleanup from personal belongings, furnishing and the affected surfaces on the property. Contractors use specialized firefighter techniques and products such as the fire sprinkler system and a fire hose to mitigate smoke damage and soot damage. Everything within the building is cleaned and sanitized.

Complete Property Restoration

The fire damage recovery process cannot be complete without carrying some necessary repairs such as wall reconstruction, plumbing repairs, repairing of baseboards and ceilings, and painting of walls. The process focuses on restoring the building to its original state after smoke damage and soot damage. Fire restoration may also involve replacement of deep clean tile and flooring by the firefighter contractor. High-quality workmanship and materials are used in the restoration process.
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What You Need To Know About Storm Damage Restoration

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What You Need To Know About Storm Damage Restoration

Every storm is unique, and the devastation that follows should be catered to immediately by a proper storm restoration expert. Wind damage, roof damage, river flooding, storm damage, ice damming, flooding damage and ice dam damage can take a huge toll on your property. When this happens, it is best to let the water restoration experts handle it.

Whenever you need a professional storm remediation, the best thing you can do is to hire a water restoration professional. These experts have the necessary tools to drain the fire such as a flood pump. On your own, you may not have the experience and skills needed to handle storm damage water restoration. Dealing with ground water, ice damming, river flooding, flood water, wind damage, ice damage, hurricane damage, extensive flooding, roof damage and roof leaks, require special expertise.

Ensure to take precautions when the weatherman starts reporting impending catastrophic weather that would cause, water damage, hail damage, ice dams, ice damming, flooding, ice damage, wind damage and roof leaks on your property. Ground water flooding and flood water may require you to evacuate from your home. Do not wait until it’s too late.

In the event of hurricane damage, ice damage, hail damage or water damage in your area, call your insurance provider before any cleanup and water restoration starts. Get information on whether the insurance company needs to come and assess the wind damage, hail damage, and all storm related damages such as the formation of an ice dam, frozen pipes, and roof damage.

Turn off the gas supply and the electricity at the main switch. This is to avoid a fire from starting, which could cause worse damage. Water damage in the form of flood water due to ground water is common after river flooding. When this happens, remove anything that is wet from the property and leave it outside or a place with good air circulation. This avoids mold build up, that could lead to airborne disease infections. For the ground water, the experts will use a flood pump to drain the flood water.

If left unchecked, ice damming could be a greater problem, since an ice dam could cause frozen pipes, and lead to a severe roof leak. Only a storm restoration professional has the equipment, resources, such as a flood pump and experience to undertake the home restoration as fast as is necessary. It is ill advised to heat the frozen pipes as this could lead to further damage.

Here are actionable tips you can use in finding a proper storm restoration contractor.

Search the Internet

Presently, the internet is a consumer’s best friend, and you can get a home restoration contractor specializing in storm damage and other services such as roof repair after a storm. You get to compare their expertise in storm remediation. Be keen to look into their home restoration license, registration, as well as their bond paperwork.

Ask Your Insurance Provider for Roof Repair Recommendations

With a property owner’s insurance cover, the least the insurance company or adjuster can do is to recommend a storm restoration contractor with experience in roof repair, after hurricane damage; besides, they will be paying for the roof repair service. Mostly, the insurance provider has contracts with particular home restoration companies, and you can be sure that they will handle the storm remediation.

Do Background Checks

The buck stops with you when it comes to finding the right contractor in storm remediation. The internet has made it easier for consumers to share information and review the services of every storm remediation company. Look out for testimonials on consumer rights websites, as well as how long they have been in the business of storm remediation.

Hire a Local Storm Damage Contractor

It makes little sense to hire a contractor from across the state or in another region. To avoid extended inconveniences, use a local contractor who has been in the business for a considerable period. They should have experience in home restoration after ice damage, water damage, hail damage, river flooding, roof damage, flooding, stagnant ground water, hurricane damage, frozen pipes, ice damming and roof leak repairs. They should also have the right equipment such as flood pumps.
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Tips on Professional Water Damage Restoration

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Tips on Professional Water Damage Restoration

Plumbing defaults, floods and sewerage systems defaults can cause a lot of water damage to any commercial building or even residential premises. Water damage does not only affect the structure of a house, but it also affects the contents of that building. Whether the damage is caused by pipe break, supply line break or flooding, it is highly recommendable to work with water restoration professionals who shall help in restoring the building to its normal condition. In the course of flood damage mitigation, several things must be taken into account to because the process can be complicated and tricky.

Water damage Mitigation approach

• Initial inspection

In this kind of a project, the primary consideration is assessing the entire pipe break or supply line break systems and understanding the requirements for the work. The water cleanup experts must, therefore, be able to conduct a comprehensive inspection process regarding the water in home or water in business premises. This helps the restoration company to understand the cost caused by the flood damages, the time frame of the mitigation process as well as materials and machines required in the process.

During such an inspection, the professionals also evaluate the cause of the pipe break or supply line break caused by the water in home and try to stop excessive water from entering the building. Some of the components inspected by a restoration company include the pipes supplying water in business premises, the source of the water as well as the supply lines. If the flood damages contain some sewerage components in the supply line break the professionals will precede with the necessary precautions.

• Water removal

After the restoration company has inspected the entire project in the restoration process, they then proceed to the water cleanup process to evacuate water in business areas or residential premises. This is whereby the water is evacuated from the inside and surrounding of the premises. This as well includes moisture removal from the building. By the use of a good technology and efficient water extraction machines, thousands of gallons of water in home can be removed from the affected premises easily and within the shortest time possible.

• The Drying process

After the extraction of water in home or water in business building, the restoration company uses dehumidifiers as well as air movers top ensure that space is completely dried up in the restoration process. During the drying process, the windows are all open to allow air circulation on the premises. During drying, the restoration companies are required to monitor the affected areas and make adjustments on their water cleanup equipment if necessary.
The primary objective using the most efficient drying machines in this procedure is to provide the most effective services, save the client money and time and restore the building to its normal conditions within the agreed period.

• Actual Remodeling

This is considered the final step in any water damage removal process. The process entails re-tilling of the house, painting, reconstruction of the walls and the floor or even renovating the roof. Every remodeling process in each premise is done differently. This mostly depends on the extensiveness of the damage and the desires of the homeowner.

The remodeling process reflects the kind of design a homeowner shall have after the entire damage renovation process. The homeowner should define and declare the kind of designs they want to be restored to their flooded homes before the actual work is done. This helps in ensuring that the remodeling fits the desires and anticipations of the homeowner. It also helps the expert in knowing the materials in restoring the flooded home, pipe breaks and necessary supply line break.

Some things to consider

In case you experience floods in your home or a business premises, it is important to start the water cleanup process as early as possible. Removing some things from the flooded home such as the furniture, fittings, electrical fixtures and other belongings is necessary even before you call the experts. These are things that can absorb water and cause more flood damages and thus more losses. You can as well, ask reputable water removal companies to do such work for you to avoid more losses during the mitigation on the flooded home.
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Common Causes of Fire

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Common Causes of Fire

Fire damage is damage caused by fire especially when the fire breaks out accidentally. Human or electricity can cause it, or any material that is flammable is placed near a fire or stored under temperatures that exceed their melting limits.
The following are the most common causes of fires:
i. Combustible materials.
These are materials that can be ignited with fire at the slightest exposure or stored in an environment that hot surpassing the required temperature. The materials include wood, paper or cans that contain inflammable materials. The safest way in avoiding fires caused by these materials is to store them correctly, dispose of well after use on a regular basis.
ii. Human Error.
Human error is one of the leading causes of fires. This may be as a result of using equipment correctly, leaving cooking unattended, failure to report faulty machinery and also not storing flammable materials in the right place. This can be corrected by giving people enough training on how to handle such emergencies of fires thus preventing more fire damage.
iii. Clutter.
It is a common mistake that people do to their homes and work places. This is where there is no regular cleaning of homes and offices leaving them untidy, and in addition to poor ventilation, this can be a recipe for a fire break out.

iv. Oversee Equipment.
Faulty equipment can be damaged and if not repaired can cause sparks that will result in ignition of fires. They can also overheat as a result of built up dirt or dust. It can be averted if there is regular maintenance of machines.

Fire Damage Restoration.
Fire damage restoration is done after the fire has been extinguished to assess the damage and it is the last process of operation. The following is the procedure;

Inspect and fire damage assessment – Before fire damage restoration is done a fire specialist will check all the building and ascertain the damage to come up with an action plan.

Tarp and Cleaning Services.
This is whereby damage is restricted from a worst-case scenario. This can be in a case where by if tanks were on the roof in the burnt place draining of water is necessary to avoid further spillage

Drying and water removal – this is removing water that was used to extinguish the fire by using specialized equipment like air movers to dry the place of water completely before a fire damage restoration is done.

Renovation and Repair – this is where those items that can be fixed are restored, and other are disposed to install new ones where necessary.

Restoration – This is the final process of clearing a fire accident where a business or a home is restored to its original condition before the fire incident happens. The place is cleaned property restored, and machinery or equipment are repaired.

Fire Cleanup.
Fire cleanup is performed after extinguishing. Garments are tested before being treated. During fire cleanup, soot and odor as a result of smoke can be washed with water instead of a person breaching the same. Smoke and soot are removed from walls by scrubbing gently with a cloth soaked in soap or a detergent.

Debris should be wet to minimize breathing in the dust during fire cleanup. Utensils should be washed with water and soap as normally done. If polishing is necessary, then it should be done.

A person should make sure that all the wet places are dried thoroughly to avoid growth of mold on those far to reach areas, but this has to be done for fire cleanup to be useful during a fire cleanup.

Smoke Damage.
Smoke damage can be a problem in a home or business premises. Smoke damage causes black marks and an element of discoloration that requires special attention. A person needs water, a sponge or a soft cloth, cleaning gloves, goggles and Trisodium Phosphate. These materials when used will clean the smoke damage.

Soot Damage.
In soot damage, there are two types of soot; oily and dry. Soot damage can be cleaned by dry sponge if it is dry, but the oily sections can be washed with water and a sponge mixed with soap or a detergent. While cleaning the soot damage, a person should cover his/her face with a mask to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.

Commercial Fire Damage.
Commercial fire damage can be extensive thus requires specialists to determine the extent of damage and recommend measures. They conduct emergency pre-cleaning, pack out content, wall and ceiling cleaning, deodorization and content cleaning. Commercial fire damage if not handled well can cause more damage. That is why it is recommended that if a commercial fire damage is encountered, it’s only the professionals that can manage the damage.

Smoke Smell.
To remove smoke smell, a person is required to have vinegar, strainer or colander, a container, baking soda, and towels to scrub the affected area. The smoke smell is can be irritating and can cause breathing problems if not well taken care of. Smoke smell if all the materials above are used together the smoke smell will be eliminated.

Fire in Home.
A fire in home can be devastating especially if owners do not know how to manage the fire. If a fire in the home is encountered, an escape plan should be in place. Windows and doors are used in case of fire in the home where depending on the intensity of the fire; a person can maneuver through it. A fire in the home can also be dangerous where maybe the owners do not have any training on how to fight the fire that is why it is recommended that all home owners should have an emergency number just in case.

Fire in Business.
Companies that experience a fire in business can close shop. Fire in business can be severe depending on the type of business that is carried out. Fire in business can cause massive losses as a result of business interruptions, employee layoffs and customers may look for alternative suppliers of their products. Fire in business should be avoided at all costs unless something beyond what can be done happens.

Restoration Company.
A fire restoration company in an essential business and home partner. A restoration company offers expert advice and services in times of fire breakouts. A restoration company trains employees or home owners on how to avert or fight fire in home or businesses. A restoration company can also issue insurance services against fires to homes and businesses.

Board Up.
Board up is the process of covering a window or doors with a board to prevent it from dangers like fires. Plywood sheets are used board up as an alternate method of using plastics. Board up is necessary especially in places where fires are always present during any process be it at home or on a business premise. Board up is recommended in kitchens to avoid unnecessary fire damage at home. Board up also is applicable in most business enterprises where fire or an occurrence of fire is prone.
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Mold Damage Best Assessed By Pros

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Mold Damage Best Assessed By Pros

Mold damage isn't something people anticipate having to deal with. Mold exists everywhere and is typically caused by excess moisture. A home or business could have a leaky pipe. Sometimes excess moisture or humidity causes mold growth behind wall, around the bath or near the sink.

Mold growth continues over the course of time and could produce foul smells, fungus and mildew. True mold removal that completely eliminates the source of the issue needs to be addressed by experienced specialists.

Mildew, fungus and the smelly odor associated with the mold damage can cause a brief panic. The most important step in mold removal is consulting a professional to assess the situation. A professional can provide things an individual at home will unlikely not be able to accomplish. Mold removal pro's can provide deodorization to knock out the smelly odor that accompanies mold growth.

A professional can ultimately find the root of the issue and remove that or suggest an alternative. Well-qualified individuals can also determine what procedures can eradicate every inch of the mold growth behind wall or elsewhere. That's why restoration companies are always in need and the first establishment individuals call when mold appears.
Customers generally have questions about the process and how mold damage is controlled and eliminated.

Is mold removal something you can do at home or in your business?
Mitigation is a process best accomplished by those with experience to tackle it. Remediation of black mold by a restoration company can be the difference between short term or long term success. Mold in home and commercial mold damage are two different beasts to tackle. The underlying issues need to be addressed quickly to prevent any further damage. An expert who handles mitigation on a daily basis can provide you with a consultation concerning what will be entailed with the mold removal.

How do I remove this smelly odor?
The chances of a resident or business owner removing the smelly odor associated with mold damage is unlikely. Experts who take time to analyze the situation carefully can utilize professional grade equipment not available to the average person. They can also completely remove any mildew and fungus to prevent any future smelly odor. Unwanted odors with commercial mold damage can keep future clients from visiting. One day visiting an office with that foul smell can completely change an opinion. That's why a restoration company can provide a business with quick service so a business can get back up to speed.

The foul smell with mold in home can seem even more brutal. Mold growth behind wall may not expose itself. Inhabitants may just smell something foul to begin with and not be able to find the source.

Residents have to sleep overnight with the smelly odor. Deodorization can alleviate that concern quickly. High performance industrial grade machines can remove these smells with great ventilation techniques. Deodorization is an invaluable process which helps re-establish that new smell. This process helps with mold growth behind wall, around the bath or in other hidden areas.

How long will mitigation or remediation take?
Mitigation depends on several factors. Commercial mold damage could be more complex if other tenants or a landlord is involved. Mold in home could be more difficult to resolve if the person living in the dwelling is renting. The restoration process needs to happen as quickly as possible for all those involved. The safe removal of mold could prevent any further spread. It can prevent dry rot which leads to other issues.

Do I have other alternatives besides calling a restoration company?
Mold is something you should never take lightly. Whether it is commercial mold damage or mold in home, the spread can do great damage to the interior of any building. Black mold can cause severe damage. Remediation by experts can provide individuals with the peace of mind that the existing mildew and fungus is gone for good. The deodorization techniques utilized by a restoration company has been time tested to rid your home or business of any bad smells. Mold growth could continue to spread if left untreated or not treated properly by a professional. Black mold can also be substantial. It's very prevalent in wet areas like showers and tubs. Black mold thrives in dark and humid places.

More mold can also lead to dry rot. Dry rot takes place when wood in a home or building begins to decay because of excess moisture and mold. A home or business then could be faced with major reconstruction if the dry rot continues. The consequences of dry rot alone should be reason enough to have any mold examined by an expert. Remediation of the issue could save the owner large sums of money in their investment. Mold growth could also be a sign of a significant underlying issue that also needs to be addressed.
The experts can assess everything quickly and remove the issues completely.
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How to Restore Your Property After a Flood

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How to Restore Your Property After a Flood

Water damage can be one of the worst problems that a homeowner may face. Water in the home will immediately begin seeping into hard-to-reach spaces and will begin soaking into drywall and structural components. It is absolutely crucial that the water in the home or water in the business be removed and the premises dried as quickly as possible. Without doing so, the chances of permanent damage and even loss of the property becomes far more likely, with each passing hour.

It is absolutely imperative that a professional team of water restoration specialists be called in to handle the flooded home. A professional restoration company can bring to bear heavy equipment and trained staff with years of experience, ensuring the restoration process goes smoothly and effectively. This article will take a closer look at common water damage mitigation steps, and what you can do to prevent water damage from becoming a larger problem.

The first step in the restoration of a flooded home is to make a phone call to the restoration company. It is crucial that the phone call be placed quickly, preferably within minutes of the flood damage taking place. While a supply line break or a pipe break may seem like something you can handle yourself, especially if the amount of water being produced appears small, it is imperative to understand that any amount of water exceeding about one gallon can potentially cause rot and structural compromise. For the highest chance of complete mitigation of damage to the flooded home, calling the professionals is the smart and best choice.

Once the restoration company has been contacted, they will send a team of fully equipped flood damage specialists out to the flooded home. Using sophisticated instruments, such as infrared scanners and hygrometers, the specialists will be able to determine the extent to which water has seeped into hard to spot places, ensuring the quick mitigation of potential flood damage.

The next step in the damage mitigation process is when the water cleanup team begins the full-scale extraction of all water from the flooded home. The team will use powerful, industrial-level pumps and specialized truck-based water removal systems to begin the water cleanup. In this way, the water in the business or water in the home can be removed on short order, typically within two hours of the initial call being placed.

The next step in the water cleanup process is the drying stage. Drying is carried out with highly specialized, high-heat drying equipment that are able to utilize hot air that is nearly at the flashpoint for household items. The drying process can often be accomplished in less than a half hour with a team of trained professionals.

By this point, all the water in the home or the water in the business will be completely gone. If the cleanup process has been accomplished within 24 hours of the pipe break or supply line break, the property will be structurally sound, and there will be virtually no risk of permanent damage.

Still, the property must be sanitized and cleaned. Mold and mildew can still form, even if the surfaces on which water was sitting have only been wet for a short period. If there was water in the business or home, for any length of time, there will be a residual smell on some surfaces and items. Cleansing will eliminate this.

A pipe break, supply line break or other flooding event can be traumatic. But such an event doesn't need to become a disaster. With a quick phone call to the professionals, pipe breaks or supply line breaks don't need to break the value of your property.
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All You Need To Know About the Fire Damage Restoration Process

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All You Need To Know About the Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire damage can leave you reeling when you imagine the type and amount of work needed for restoration and cleanup. If you have fire in the home, it is important to know what to do during the crucial moments. It is a fire in the business, you will want to cleanup as soon as possible so as to resume operations. In this regard, an outline of the various fire damage restoration processes can help give you a better clue of what to do.

Restoration company services

Obviously the first step is to call in the restoration company. It is important to note that fire cleanup is easier if it is done as soon as possible. Initially, the soot damage only covers the surface causing discoloration on items such as plastics and other appliances. There might also be an accumulation of smoke smell in the house. However, the fire damage continues to become more serious and permanent as time continues.

Smoke damage assessment

The commercial fire damage professionals carry out a smoke damage assessment so as to be aware of the work awaiting them. They will determine the levels of smoke smell still present in the home and the amount of fire cleanup needed. The soot damage can cause further problems to the issue since it accumulates on appliances. The professionals involved in cleaning up the soot damage can come up with ways of minimizing the damage as well as ensuring maximum cleanliness. In case the fire in the home also occasioned water damage, you need the professionals to come up with a plan on how this is to be dealt with as well.

The professionals involved in cleaning the smoke damage from the fire in the business will most likely segment the fire damage restoration process into three main phases. The first involves getting protection against the smoke smell and smoke damage. The experts have to ensure that they have the necessary protective clothing so that they are not in contact with the soot damage. Such contact can have disastrous health consequences. For instance, fire in the home may result in the accumulation of soot. If people inhale the dust particles from the soot damage then their lungs can suffer smoke damage.

The restoration company then ventilate the home in readiness for the fire cleanup. This is important as it helps to quench the smoke smell at least before the fire cleanup is completed. It also helps in the drying up during the fire cleanup. In this instance, the process of fire damage restoration would be simpler after a fire in the business. After ventilation, the fire cleanup commences. You need reliable restoration company professionals for dealing with commercial fire damage. If you have commercial fire damage, you definitely do not want your trade secrets getting into the wrong hands.

Fire damage cleanup

The fire damage cleaning involves using high quality vacuum cleaners specialized for dealing with the soot damage. Pressure cleaning maybe needed for the fire in the business so as to cover the walls and crevices that may be hard to reach. The fire in the home cleanup continues with the removal of the smoke smell. This can be done using special deodorizing sprays and disinfectants. These can also be used for commercial fire damage cleanup.

Board up services

Whether you are facing fire in the business or fire in the home, you need board up services. This helps to prevent further damage. A proper board up installation saves you money in the event that you encounter high winds or a storm that can easily cause fire. Fire damage restoration will conduct immediate board up to prevent further exposure. This is a mitigation strategy that also keeps moisture at bay. Commercial fire damage restoration companies main aim to ensure that home or business owners resume normal activities. They also salvage as much as they can to reduce losses.
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Handling Mold Damage Quickly and Efficiently

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Handling Mold Damage Quickly and Efficiently

Flood waters, leaks, and inadequate seals around doors and windows all allow mold damage to become a real possibility. Mold in the home and commercial mold damage don’t discriminate, and mold growth doesn’t occur only after large quantities of water get into a building and sit for a while. Mold growth occurs quickly when humidity levels in a building are above 40 percent and any moisture is present. Mold damage spreads rapidly, and it can cause mold in the home or commercial mold damage to go from bad to extreme in fewer than three days.

What to Do When Commercial Mold Damage or Mold in the Home is Present

Mold removal must be handled by a restoration company that does mitigation and remediation. A restoration company has the right equipment and tools to handle mold removal as well as the side effects of mold growth. These tools get rid of the smelly odor using professional grade deodorization, and mitigation and remediation help business and homeowners learn how to prevent future mold growth.

Mitigation and remediation are required, and it’s imperative people don’t try mold removal on their own. For one, removing mold without the right equipment can send spores spiraling into the air and into the HVAC system where it can spread rapidly. It’s important to remove flood waters out of a home or office to minimize the risk of mold growth, fungus, mildew, and even dry rot. It also helps with the smelly odor of water damage, and it can be a natural form of deodorization.

It’s also helpful to shut off the HVAC to prevent further spread of this fungus into additional rooms. No one should touch mold. Black mold might be present, and it requires professional help to determine if it is.

Do Not Use DIY Methods of Mold Removal for Commercial Mold Damage or Mold in the Home

DIY methods to remove mold are dangerous, and this fungus will fight back. It spreads rapidly, and DIY attempts send spores into the air. It’s best to avoid DIY methods and focus on recognizing mold in the home. One of the most common signs of a potential mold issue is the presence of mildew. Like mold, mildew loves damp areas with warm, moist air. If mildew is growing, mold might also be growing.

Mold is fungus, and it can grow anywhere. This is important information since many people forget mold growth behind walls is common. If a leak occurs or flood waters aren’t properly dried, mold growth behind walls becomes a huge issue. Dry rot is one indication there is moisture in the walls. Dry rot isn’t a fungus, but it’s caused by excess moisture and often means there might be mold growth behind the walls.

In addition to dry rot, another common sign of mold growth behind walls is a smelly odor. It’s musty and a little damp, and deodorization efforts only cover up the smell for a short time. Calling for a professional restoration company to handle mitigation and remediation means having professional deodorization methods used to remove the smelly odor completely. This is one of the biggest benefits of using a professional restoration company since many people are sensitive to smells.

Black mold isn’t always easy to see, and some mold is black mold but not the toxic kind. Mitigation and remediation help home and business owners get the mold damage mess cleaned up, find the source of the mold, and even prevent future mold issues from becoming a problem. It’s not something people do when they can’t get rid of mold on their own. It’s something people do when they want to save money and have mold damage handled correctly from day one. There is no time to waste when mold is a problem.
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Dealing with Water Damage in Phoenix

10/5/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Northwest Phoenix/Anthem understands the stress when you have a water damage in your business or home. That is why we are available 24/7 to help. Our team is fast and quick to any job at any size. 

Our certified technicians will mitigate the damage to prevent mold, mildew or bacteria. Using EPA disinfectants, we will make your business or home safe to reenter and occupy. We make sure our team is trained and up to date with all of their credentials. 

SERVPRO of Northwest Phoenix/Anthem has been trusted by local business's and insurance companies to assist with their water damage projects. We are there when your family needs help the most. Any type of damage in your home can be a devastating time and can cause a lot of stress in the household. Working with true professionals can definitely help the process and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. 

If you have emergency water damage or fire damage needs, please call us now. 623-780-9111