Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Hallway With Black Mold Under Carpet

Mold Growth in Indian Springs, AZThe homeowners didn't realize that mold would begin to grow along the tack strip of their hallway if they let the water sit too... READ MORE

Mildew Smelling Basement

Ever Wonder Why the Basement Always Smells? Grandmas basement always smelled a little off and everyone thought it was just because it was an old home. What they... READ MORE

Before and After Mold Damage

How does mold get this bad? This kitchen in Peoria, AZ had a slow leak under the sink that the homeowner didn't see until it was too late... way too late. The l... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold Damage Anthem, AZ

Bathroom Remodeled After Burst Pipe This customer had severe mold damage due to a pipe burst. The pipe was fixed by a plumber but the water behind the bathroom ... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Peoria, AZ

Black Mold Covers Walls in Peoria, AZThe initial pictures look like a nightmare. There was mold growing all over the floors and walls of this room. Not having a... READ MORE

Water Damage and Mold Damage Glendale, AZ

Tile ruined from broken pipe. Don't let water damages sit unattended. The longer water penetrates building materials the less likely it is that they can saved. ... READ MORE