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What’s the Best Way to Remove Mold From a Crawlspace?

7/29/2020 (Permalink)

Mold on crawlspace Mold damage in Peoria, AZ

Because you probably don’t look into your crawlspace daily or even weekly, you might not know mold is growing there until your home has mold damage. Mold tends to grow in crawlspaces because they’re often damp from rising moisture from the surrounding soil or condensation from nearby plumbing or HVAC pipes.

Signs of Mold

You might have mold if you:

  • Find black or green areas around your baseboards
  • See water damage
  • Have had flooding in your home
  • Notice a moldy smell throughout your house

The best way to prevent mold growth in your crawlspace is to put down a moisture barrier. If space is sealed, no water can get in. However, if you need a mold remediation company in Peoria, AZ, to remove the damage, ask if they use media blasting.

Removing Mold With Media Blasting
Media blasting (also known as abrasive blasting) removes mold damage by spraying the area with an abrasive compound using high pressure. This technique has advantages over other mold removal methods, like cleaning and sanding by hand. It’s quicker more effective on irregular surfaces that may have nails sticking out and areas that are hard to access. Places with lots of cross beams, like unfinished attics and underneath decks, are easier to clean with abrasive blasting.
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and dry ice are the most common materials for mold removal. Baking soda easily dissolves in water and has an almost-neutral pH level. It’s an effective but gentle cleanser. Dry ice is carbon dioxide that’s solidified into pellets. It removes and kills mold in one shot and doesn’t leave any waste. Dry ice doesn’t conduct electricity, making it a good cleaning material for areas with electrical equipment.
No matter which kind of media blasting you choose, the mold remediation specialist should thoroughly vacuum the area to remove any lingering spores. With a clean crawlspace, you’ll know your home will be safe from mold damage for many years.

Business Fires: 3 Ways To Reduce Revenue Loss

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Office burned Fire damage in a Norterra, AZ office

Business Fires: 3 Ways To Reduce Revenue Loss

A fire at your Norterra, AZ, business can occur without warning and leave you to face a serious loss of revenue. Smoke and water damage, along with damaged inventory and equipment, could seriously delay a reopening. Preparing for such a disaster, from buying interruption insurance to retaining a restoration service, may help prevent a loss of profit after a business fire.

1. Add an Interruption Rider to Your Insurance
One effective way to protect yourself from a loss of profit after a fire is to buy business interruption insurance or add this rider to an existing insurance policy. This protection covers a variety of financial losses and compensation, including employee wages, lost revenue during repairs, and the cost of leasing or renting your commercial space. Your insurance representative can help you decide which types of coverage best suit your financial and business needs.

2. Protect Undamaged Inventory
You might continue to lose money after a fire at your business unless you gather and remove undamaged inventory and other items from the building. Continued water damage and exposed sections of the building might be vulnerable to the elements and ruin items that were untouched by the fire. Securing inventory and equipment could help prevent further financial loss.

3. Retain a Restoration Service
While interruption insurance can protect your financial interests after a business fire, retaining a fire damage and restoration service before trouble strikes may protect your financial interests as well. Not only will you have somewhere to turn for fire restoration and repair, but having a company like this on your side may help you recover more quickly after a fire so you can reduce revenue loss.
Interruption insurance and creating a working relationship with a fire restoration service can be useful assets to your Norterra, AZ, business. Because serious fires can occur without warning, preparing for such an event may mean the difference between resuming operations within a few weeks and enduring a lengthy shutdown.

What to Expect After a Fire When You Hire SERVPRO

6/16/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial building with fire damage on inside, smoke odor removal equipment placed on the center of the building Commercial fire loss in Indian Springs,AZ

What to Expect After a Fire When You Hire SERVPRO

A commercial building fire can result in multiple types of damage, from smoke and soot to water damage from the extinguishing efforts. The key to getting your building back in use is to plan for rebuilding services beforehand. Knowing who to call after a disaster is the first step. SERVPRO is trusted by most major insurance companies and by many commercial and residential clients. When you contact them for your fire restoration needs you can expect to:

1. Immediately Speak With a Specialist
SERVPRO is open 24/7, every day of the year, even holidays. So, when you call their customer care center you’ll immediately speak with a specialist. They’ll ask questions about the event and then dispatch a professional to your business.

2. Get an Inspection and Assessment
SERVPRO Franchise Professionals will do a thorough inspection and assessment of the fire, soot, smoke, and water damage. The extent of damage will be determined to develop a restoration plan.

3. Get Quick Boarding-Up and Roof-Tarping
Roof tarping and boarding up of damaged walls and windows will prevent further loss from weather, animals, and vandalism until the fire rebuild is completed.

4. Have Water Extracted
If your building has sustained water damage, all water will be extracted and the building contents will be dried. Industrial equipment such as wet/dry vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers will be used.

5. Have Smoke and Soot Removed
After a fire, there will be smoke and soot on most surfaces including walls and ceilings. Professional equipment and specialized fire restoration methods will be used to eliminate them.

6. Have Everything Cleaned
The affected area, including salvageable contents, will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Anything that can be restored will be, and industrial odor removal techniques are also implemented.

7. Be Fully Restored
Finally, your building will be restored to its preloss condition. Reconstruction of some affected areas may be needed. Also, minor repairs, as well as replacement of new drywall and flooring may be required.
In the wake of a fire disaster, your Indian Springs, AZ, SERVPRO Franchise Professionals are Here to Help. The fire restoration procedure will be thorough and completed as quickly as possible.

Clearing a Clog Between Your Shower and Drain Clean-out

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

Plumber unclogging a toilet with manual auger The toilet is the easiest access point, and with a long enough auger, you should reach the clog

Clearing a Clog Between Your Shower and Drain Clean-out

Have you ever been in the shower when you suddenly hear water splashing onto the floor, only to pull back the curtain and see a toilet overflow? As shocking as the image is, it makes sense. The plumbing in your home is an interconnected system of pipes. When the shower causes an overflow in the toilet, it means there is a clog somewhere between the toilet and the drain cleanout. You can resolve most clogs with an auger or drain snake for sewage cleaning from one of several areas.

  • Clear from toilet
  • Clear from drain Cleanout
  • Call a professional

Clear From Toilet
The toilet is the easiest access point, and with a long enough auger, you should reach the clog. Insert the snake head into the toilet drain, slowly pushing it through the trap and the clogged pipe until you feel resistance. Once you reach the clog, turn the auger handle and ease the line backward and forward, freeing the blockage. If you feel no resistance, the clog may be further down the pipe.

Clear From Drain Cleanout
If the auger is not long enough to reach the blockage from the toilet, you may need to approach it from the drain cleanout. Unfortunately, the drain cleanout is often located in the basement or crawlspace. If it is in a crawlspace, you may want to contact a sewage cleaning professional. However, if in a basement, locate the cleanout cap and remove it. Slide the snake into the cleanout and feel for resistance before rotating the auger head and loosening the clog.

Call a Professional
If your attempts to clear the blockage are unsuccessful, contact a water mitigation company in New River, AZ, for help. They will have stronger and more efficient equipment than a household auger.

While routine sewage cleaning can reduce the occurrence of clogs, blockages can still occur. Use household augers to free common blocks, and call professionals if necessary.

5 Types of Content Cleaning You May See After a Fire

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

Man cleaning wood burning stove. Content cleaning after a fire in Rio Vista, AZ

5 Types of Content Cleaning You May See After a Fire

After a fire at your Rio Vista, AZ, residence you may choose to contact a fire damage restoration service for help with cleanup and repairs. These professionals can also help with content storage while the home is being restored. Part of this process includes the repair of personal items, including those that may need dry-cleaning. Here are five types of items they may be able to help with.

1. Cloth Items

Cloth items such as clothing, rugs, curtains, and pillows can all be washed with special cleaners in order to get rid of smoke and soot damage. Fire damaged items you may want to replace depending on severity.

2. Heavy Items

Heavy items such as furniture, or items that can’t be easily moved such as cabinetry, may require a wipe down form of content cleaning. This usually involves using a rag or scrub brush to rinse the surface with a special cleaner.

3. Mechanical Items

Mechanical items may require a dry-cleaning method. These are ways of cleaning an item without using a liquid which could damage the components. A dry scrub brush or powder cleaner may be used in these cases.

4. Electronic Items

In many cases, a professional may be able to salvage your electronic items. If an electronic device cannot be saved the professional may still be able to transfer any data it contains to a new unit.

5. Paper Items

Paper items may be able to be restored as well. These items will first be freeze-dried before they are carefully cleaned

Cloth items can be washed while furniture may be to be wiped down. Dry-cleaning is a good solution for mechanical items. Electronics and paper items may need to be handled with special care by a restoration professional. If you have any questions about your items and how they may be cleaned, your local restoration company can help.

3 Steps To Take After a Fire in Your Home

6/1/2020 (Permalink)

If your home in Phoenix, AZ is affected by a fire, you will likely want to begin the fire restoration process as quickly as possible. There are several measurements you can take to help quicken the restoration process.

1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

After a fire has occurred in your home, it’s often helpful to contact your insurance provider in order to learn what your fire insurance will cover. Though every insurance company is different, damage from a fire is often covered, at least in part, by insurance. By talking with someone at your insurance company, you can also learn about the next steps your company may require you to take in order to complete your claim.

2. Avoid Causing Further Damage

Although you may be tempted to enter your home as soon as possible after a fire, this isn’t always the best idea. By entering your home after a fire, you could potentially worsen any structural damage, which could slow down the fire restoration process. Additionally, disturbing soot in the home could damage property and could cause respiratory issues. It’s often best to allow professionals who have the proper equipment to remove items from your home.

3. Request Board Up Services

When a home has been damaged by a fire, it’s often important that the home is protected in order to prevent more damage from occurring. Boarding up your home can help keep out wind and rain in addition to making it more difficult for thieves to enter the home. Once your home has been boarded up, the process of smoke cleaning and making structural fixes can begin.

The fire restoration process can often be made easier if you know how to properly make a fire claim and keep your home safe. If you need assistance in restoring your home, it could be helpful to get in touch with fire damage restoration professionals.

How To Remove the Smell of Smoke From Your Home

6/1/2020 (Permalink)

Removing the smell of smoke from your home can be very difficult, especially if the cause of the odor is from a house fire or continued indoor smoking. If you’ve done all that you can do and the smoky smell simply won’t go away, it’s time to seek help from smoke cleaning services. These professionals will have the necessary equipment and expertise to rid your home of smoke for good. If you do employ the help of these experts to deodorize your home in Glendale, AZ, here is what you can expect.

Causes of a Smoke Smell in Your Home

The method used to remove a smoke odor from your home can vary depending on the cause. If the smell is a result of any of the following causes you’ll need to rely on professional deodorization services:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Smoke damage from a house fire
  • Lingering smoke smell from burnt food
  • Fireplace smoke

The Deodorization Process

When a smoke cleaning specialist visits your home, they’ll use a variety of methods and processes to completely rid your home of the smoke odor. After identifying the source, they’ll use equipment such as air filtration devices, ozone machines, and thermal foggers to remove the odor.

  • Air Filtration Devices: Air filtration devices use HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, or other types of filters to catch odorous contaminants and remove them from the surrounding air.
  • Ozone Machines: Ozone machines release ozone, molecules with an added oxygen atom, into the air to directly attack odors by changing their chemical structure and destroying them completely.
  • Thermal Foggers: Thermal fogging works by releasing a mist into the air with particles close in size to smoke that will help neutralize any odors it comes into contact with.

No one enjoys the smell of smoke in their home or the negative health effects that lingering smoke causes. Professional smoke cleaning services are your best line of action in battling this unwanted odor.

Commercial Water Damage: What Will Your Insurance Cover?

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

Water on the floor of a warehouse Commercial water damage

If your business has been damaged by water, you know how disruptive the cleanup and restoration can be. Suddenly, your life is upside down and you are called to manage the cleanup and get your business back up and running at capacity. But what kind of financial help will insurance provide for your damages?

What Does Conventional Business Insurance Cover?

It’s the origin of the offending water that will dictate whether it makes sense to file a business claim with your insurance carrier. Conventional policies generally cover most sources of water-related damage that originate from within your building. The most common causes of internal commercial water damage includes:

  • A sewer backup
  • A leaking piece of equipment
  • A pipe break
  • An overflowing toilet or bathtub
  • A leaking appliance

The coverage limits and deductibles may vary widely between insurance policies, so it is smart to consult your agent to help you evaluate your policy.

What is Flood Insurance?
A flood occurs when normally dry land is submerged in water. A severe weather event or a large-scale plumbing breach are common causes of flooding. Filing a business claim using your conventional insurance will not help you if you have flood damage. Flood cleanup can be extensive and may require the expertise of water remediation specialists. Specialized flood insurance issued by the US Government would be required for flood damage to be covered. Not every location bears a level of risk that warrants purchasing flood insurance, but it is wise to have your risk assessed, so you are informed.
If water has infiltrated your Phoenix, AZ, business, you are likely busy mitigating your water damage. If your damage arose from water inside your building, rather than flooding, you can generally receive compensation through a conventional business claim. Your insurance agent can help you determine which type of policy applies, so you can complete the cleanup and be on the path to restoring your property and your peace of mind.

How To Protect Yourself Around Mold

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

specialist in combating mold in an apartment Protect yourself from mold

Protect Yourself By Wearing The Following Equipment

Mold growth in a commercial building is a serious problem that must be addressed immediately. Unless the infestation is small, you should not attempt to remove the fungus by yourself. Instead, you should rely on mold cleanup specialists in Glendale, AZ. If you do decide to assist with the process, or if you need to enter the infested building, you can protect yourself by wearing the below equipment.

1. Shoe Covers
As their name implies, shoe covers slip over the bottom of your shoes. They prevent you from tracking the mold spores from one room to another. Every time you enter the affected area, you should put on new covers.
2. Hair Covers
Your hair needs to be protected from mold spores, as well. Otherwise, you could inhale the spores or spread them throughout the building. As with the shoe covers, hair covers should be disposable and replaced each time you go near the mold.
3. Goggles
Safety goggles do not just protect your eyes from mold spores. They also keep out any excess dirt or debris that could fly into the air during the restoration process. They even block powerful mold-cleaning liquids that could splash into your face.
4. Face Masks
A face mask, also called an air-purifying respirator, prevents you from breathing in dangerous particles. The type of mask you buy is critical. Surgical masks are not designed to prevent the inhalation of mold spores. Instead, use an N-95 mask, which filters 95 percent of air particles.
5. Tyvek Suits
If you are cleaning up a small mold job by yourself, you can probably get away with wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants. However, for larger mold infestations, you need a disposable Tyvek suit.
Before you enter a mold-contaminated area, you must wear proper equipment. Items such as goggles, shoe covers, and face masks can help keep you safe. However, if you really want to protect yourself from mold, you need to leave the cleanup to the professionals.

Tips For Saving Money on Maintenance Costs

5/1/2020 (Permalink)

Close- up of two people doing finances There are some great ways to lower the maintenance cost in your Anthem, AZ building

Business owners are always looking for ways to stretch their dollar and cut unnecessary costs where they can. One area that can get overlooked is the maintenance department, since typically what they do is reactive. However, there are some great ways to lower the maintenance cost in your Anthem, AZ building by implementing some straightforward ideas.

Develop a Preventive Maintenance Plan

Setting up a preventive maintenance program at planned intervals can save on costly repairs. By catching a potential problem area before it becomes a huge issue is just good facility management. Some items to consider:

Let your software do some of the work by setting up a computerized work order system that will flag you when maintenance is due. Depending on the type of machine, you may consider servicing it per hours run, rather than on a set time schedule.
Keep routine spare parts on hand so that small repairs can be completed quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime on machines.
Review the work orders when completed to create a history of how each machine runs. You may determine that some machines have a higher maintenance cost than others, which may help determine buying decisions in the future.

Implement Predictive Maintenance Ideas
Predictive maintenance can consist of evaluating oil samples from machines to look for contaminants that can create wear and damage to the machines. You can set this up similar to your preventive maintenance system, but at much less frequent intervals.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting
At first glance, LED lights seem very expensive. If you take a look at the cost of a bulb over a 20-year span, however, you’d be surprised how much money it will save. The average 60-watt incandescent bulb will cost about $360 to keep lit for 20 years. During that same 20-year period, a 60-watt LED bulb would cost about $72. Plus, your energy bill will be significantly lowered as well.
Implementing some smart maintenance cost reductions can save money and boost productivity.